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artisan style sourdough bread

crafted in small batches

in Plaza Midwood, Charlotte, N.C.

​& Petworth, Washington, D.C.



Founded by sisters and best friends, Yulia and Gloria Pisarskiy, yuleglo baking co. was born from our shared love of delighting and entertaining friends and strangers alike with delicious food and baked goods.


Growing up in a big Ukrainian family (we are two of eight kids) meant each and every Saturday morning we would wake up to find the kitchen table dusted with flour, as mom would roll out the dough and begin to create something delicious from a few simple ingredients. Watching – and helping – mom was a defining time, even if in our youth we rebelled against the chore. The end result was always heavenly! We are now grateful for those “chores” that helped us discover our passion.


Today, making sourdough brings us joy. It is a practice of mindfulness; the transformation of a little flour, salt and water from rough, wet dough to smooth and opulent is an excellent metaphor for how each of our lives must be kneaded, stretched and scored — precisely what is required for us to rise up into something glorious (and delicious)!


If you live in Charlotte or Washington, D.C. and would like to purchase a fresh baked loaf of sourdough bread, please reach out using the form below.


With gratitude,

Yulia & Gloria

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Yulia’s loaves have what is important to us Europeans who consider themselves experts on bread: a light and fluffy inside with a thin crispy crust.


This is very special bread, amazing in how simple and at once elegant it is. I can never eat fewer than two slices at once, and I often enjoy it plain, without even butter. It's just that good. 

Peter & Kinga Zay

Plaza Midwood, Charlotte, N.C.

Order fresh sourdough bread

Small and large loaves available


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